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Bertrand Brocard

In 1982 Bertrand Brocard created ARG Informatique which quickly became Cobrasoft. Author of numerous games awarded prizes for their originality, he is also a publisher and producer. After the label was taken over by Infogrames in 1986, he designed and produced many titles before creating the multimedia studio of the Lyon publisher to create some thirty CD-i and CD-ROMs.

In 1996, with his team, he switched to Internet with the creation of Infokids and then Kazibao until this first « meeting point for young people », the ancestor of social networks, was launched on the stock exchange.

At the same time, conscious of the stakes involved in preserving the works of creation and production of the premises of this new culture, he built up the most important collection of French archives. As early as 1997, Bertrand Brocard was involved in the creation of the City of the Video Game, an idea born in Lyon.

Now a hyper-active retiree, he presides, with the same energy and creativity, the National Conservatory of Video Games which brings together the industrial and personal collections of editors and creators to preserve and archive them and facilitate their study and enhancement.


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