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Project Description

Laurent Michaud


He is responsible for studies related to consumer electronics issues and video game industry through changing uses, technology innovation, market analysis, market sizing, benchmarking, business strategy, industrial perspectives, forecasts and prospective issues. Laurent acts as economic advisor for game companies and subcontractors working for video game industry.

He carries out techno-economic appraisals for innovation agencies and incubators on the issues of video gaming and multimedia content development.

He holds a Master’s degree in Economic and Financial Engineering.

His field of expertise covers:

  • Market and industry monitoring: market analysis, market sizing, assessment, industrial strategy analysis, industrial positioning, international benchmarking, competition analysis, strategic marketing,
  • Prospective: market forecasting, innovation tracking and impact reports, future prospect technology use cases,
  • Networking: international partnership building, event organization
  • SME coaching and advisory: business model optimization, content monetization strategies, management of training programmes.

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