Project Description

Kevin Tanoh

Kevin Tanoh is the co-founder of the fun experimental VR studio of raptor lab and the designer of the FPS The Art of Fight supported by a technology that felt comfortable and agile during a travel in VR without feeling nausea.

« It’s a pleasure to work with Kevin » says Samuel Auzols (also co-founder of the studio) « based on complex problems; he proposes solutions in the form of a gameplay mechanic that captivates players.

With the constraint of nausea in VR; our studio creates under his drive a new way to play in 3D space we hope to develop soon in new projects »

Giving freedom of movement back to VR players is a challenge that requires an unstoppable squad. And it is to respond to this challenge that the rising stars Boris Goullet and Benjamin Ben Hattar have joined the squad.

Raptor lab is convinced that the players and love of the game are the central elements of development that will lead to better technologies.