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Thierry Platon

Thierry started his career as a musician, actor and stage director and then he went on to writing comic books and science fiction novels… But he always picked up an interest for games – all sorts of games. As early as 1983, he worked for Atari, programming some of the very first Atari 400 and 800 games.

In 1986, he joined Infogrames as project manager in charge of the ‘comic book’ collection. Then in 1988, I launched his first independent video game, Ranx (Ubisoft). After this, I began a career as a freelance author which led me to the creation of the BiP media studio in 2004 (Tiny Token Empires, Viking Invasion, My Farm, etc.).

More recently, he co-founded Gloomywood studio to produce 2Dark ( And for more than 7 years, he is also vice-president of the SNJV…

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